Flooring choices

Some flooring requires a more professional installation, while there are those that provide fast and effective installation that if you have some DIY savvy, you could get away with doing the installation yourself over a weekend as a fun family project. When it comes to installation, look at whether the boards need to be nailed, stapled or glued or do they use a unique tongue and groove system, which is the easiest and most effective flooring installation method.

The final steps is to know the difference between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring, even though both use real wood, there are differences which can help you make your final decision a little easier.

Solid wood flooring comes in a choice of options from strip flooring to planks to parquet flooring. They come in unfinished or pre-finished options, which means that they are ready to be installed and left or they need to be finished and varnished after installation, this choice is down to personal preference and budget. Solid wood flooring are solid pieces of real wood, they are slightly more expensive, but offer years of use and durability, while adding character to your home.

Engineered wood flooring is a manufactured wood flooring which must not be confused with laminate. Engineered wood flooring is a multi-layer flooring solution that is bonded together to form a strong and stable plank. The top layer is real wood, so you can enjoy the natural grain and unique finish that only real wood can provide. This option is easy to install with a tongue and groove system while ensuring you enjoy years of use moving forward